Is it possible to cancel and/or reschedule?

Yes! You can cancel and/or reschedule an appointment free of charge when it is done with at least 2 hours notice.

To cancel or reschedule directly from the App or on the Website: Click on "My Profile" > "Bookings" > "Show" for the specific booking you want to modify.

However, you will be subject to late cancellation/reschedule fees of $20 within 2 hours before the job is scheduled. We understand that you are busy and that your schedule can change in no time, but cancelling/rescheduling an appointment at the last moment will cause the detailer that was assigned to service your car to lose valuable work as well as money for transportation. Hence, the technicians on the Washos platform are compensated when you cancel/reschedule at the last time or don't show up to an appointment.  

Any cancellation or reschedule that is done within 15 minutes after placing the booking will always be free of charge even if it's done less than 2 hours before the appointment time.

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