Do I need to give easy access to my car?

Even though our detailers are miracle workers, they won’t be able to teleport their van inside your office parking and detail your car between two other cars! We wish they could but we are still working on that. Hence, you need to have your car easily reachable for our detailers:

  • Outside parking spot with enough space to work on the car
  • Inside garage or inside parking with authorization to have your car serviced
  • Driveway in front of your home
  • Desert Island
  • ...

If you are in an inside parking, you can mention it when booking on our platform. Give us the access code if there are some or just ask that our detailer calls you when he arrives. Also, make sure that you are authorized to have your car serviced at the spot you require your wash/detail.

If you feel like where you are park is too tight to have a classic water car wash or detail, you can ask for waterless. It is as efficient, it saves the planet and it can be performed in very tight spots!

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