How do I tip my detailer ?

Tips are obviously not mandatory but always appreciated by the detailer who has worked hard to get your vehicle back in top shape.  You can tip directly through the App or send us an email at following your appointment and we will add the tip for you.

Most people tip anywhere between 18% -20% of the service price.

If your service is done, you can rate and tip your technician through the app by:

  • Opening the app
  • Clicking on the menu (top left icon)
  • Go to "My bookings"
  • Click on the booking you would like to leave a tip for
  • Use the stars to rate your technician

You have up until 7 days after the booking is completed to tip the detailer.

Not an app user? No problem! If you want to tip and rate through the website, just send us an email with tip amount to the address mentioned above, and our support team will gladly apply.

Happy tipping! 

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